Sign Up

At North Sydney

Sign up for this choir through the North Sydney Community Centre. The cost is $160 / $120 concession for the eight weeks.

At Narrabeen

To sign up at Narrabeen, please submit the form below and I’ll email details for payment. The cost is $140 / $110 concession (seniors, concession health care, etc).

If a bank transfer is not possible, then you can bring payment on the first night – my assistant Libby will collect it. However I’d prefer direct payment because messing around with money uses up time that can be used for singing. Also, please still submit the form below so that I know you’re intending to come.

If you haven’t been to one of these choirs before and aren’t sure whether it’s for you, I’m happy for you to attend the first night free, and then if you want to continue, transfer the payment some time before the second night.

If you know that you can only attend for 6 or less of the 8 nights, you can also pay by the night, which is

  • $20 per night
  • $16 per night concession

Please let me know if you’re going to do this, and bring the EXACT money on the night and give to Libby before the start of the choir.

In any case, if you’re intending to come at all please let me know via the form below.

Show Me The Money

Sign up for this FREE introduction to the choir (with special guest speaker) through the North Sydney Community Centre.

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