“Show Me The Money”

Professor Rickenbacker

A FREE introduction to the “Songs About Money” choir.

Special guest presenter Professor Gibson Rickenbacker, from the Department of Vocal Economics, University of Wassamatta*, will explain the economic concepts behind the songs that we’ll sing in the choir. You’ll learn about the Demand Curve, Conspicuous Consumption and the Geni Coefficient – and have a lot of fun. Why did Jeff St John think a high Geni coefficient is good, but Phil Collins thinks it’s bad?

There’ll be video clips from many of the songs, as well as a chance to try some songs out before the full choir starts the following Monday.


Monday 4 February 2019, 7:30pm – 9:00 pm


North Sydney Community Centre, 220 Miller St North Sydney.

* OK, it’s your choir leader Rob Bullen

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